Tag: name 10 things that makes you happy

I gotta admit I was kind of in need to remember the things that lift my spirits and make me wish for a better day. Sad days are taking over and that’s bad.
Even though I was tagged back at tumblr by psychicsdaughter, I will post it here as well there. The rules are pretty simple. Name 10 things that makes you happy and tag 10 people back. I will be tagging a few on instagram and provably tumblr as well. If you like to try it, by all means do so!!!

1 ) B O O K S ; to buy books, to own them, to read them, to collect them, to take thousands of pictures of them, to adore them, to know most of the time they are the only source of trust and happiness I have. I often time feel like my life is kind of miserable, so books help me live billions of adventures. They help me imagine a better world and put aside mine. I owe my books and authors an awful lot. ( wow, that sounded cliche )

2) Richard ( Dick ) Campbell Gansey III ; spoiled brat, utter nerd, king of my heart.
Yes yes yes I know you will say “shit Nic, that’s a bloody character!!” but if you fangirl, you will understand  x)

3) Rick Riordan’s PJO / HOO ;  mooaarrr booksss!!!! Mooaarrr characterssss. Demigods and mythology are the base of my happiness, don’t judge. Since I was a kiddo I liked mythology, Greek and Egyptian to be specific. I now enjoy Roman myth as well. Percy, Annabeth , Nico DiAngelo, Grover, later on Leo, Hazel and Frank, Piper, Jason, my holy roman queen Reyna… the characters are countless and I love them all.

4 ) Cooking programs ; bakery most of all. Jeezz, here’s my fat ass drooling over the image of good meals getting prepared x) no, but with all seriousness, I enjoy watching them. I know one tend to feel calm, relaxed, happy when baking cakes or preparing delicious dishes. Personally I don’t cook, not because I don’t know how or can’t but because… well just because. I prefer to watch. I know, weirdo!!!

5 ) E N G L I S H ; I’m not sure if to claim this language as a source of happiness but I do enjoy it. Preferably british accents. If I can, I would spend my entire time watching british tv shows or the BBC channel. Most of my favorite shows are british x) Downton Abbey, In the flesh, The Frankenstein Chronicles, you name it. Not to mention that those bakery programs are cutter if they are british(?). The great british baking show, Rachel Khoo’s: kitchen notebook London, being two of my favorites.

6 ) Lone ( bus ) drives ; now, by this I mean returning home in an empty public transport with my headphones on. There’s a sense of peace in the solitude that makes me forget about my problems and yes, you guessed… feel like I’m part of a music video x) hahah sometimes I would grab a book and enjoy that half an hour ride to submerge myself into the story.

But not just this, I love to travel on the road. When I was in school I used to travel every year to meet a new part of my Argentina. My favorite part of it all being the bus ride, hours and hours sitting while contemplating the world around you, move ( well, the one moving was me lmao ) but I mean, watching the road ahead, the blurry trees beside, and the ridden road behind. I used to love it so much, and I kind of want to do it again.

7 ) tv shows ; I mean, that’s my second source of children, amirite?  books being the first one? I love me some good show, with a fantastic plot and remarkable characters. Though I hate when  there are an awful lot of seasons and the writers begin to mess the entire thing. Crime, fantasy, science fiction, historical, you name it.

8 ) my twin sister ; she’s the only person alive I can count on. The only one I feel comfortable enough to tell my problems and thoughts. I’m the kind of person who has huge trust issues, so my sister is the only one to keep me sane. Without her I know I would fall apart. I’m blessed to have that kiddo in my life. ( wow, Nico another cliche!! )

9 ) The Raven Cycle characters by Maggie Stiefvater ; yes, yes, yes, go on, judge me if you must but those bloody nerds began to make my life easier. God, do I love them. Gansey being my favorite of them all, close behind is Noah and Ronan, Blue being in a sort of third place and last Adam ( I have problems with that boy, I tell you )

10 ) I have no idea what else to say mates, honest. So last but not least, a thing that makes me happy is to imagine a future life ; buying my own house, decorating it, having a pug and all my walls filled with books. A cozy little space just for le Nic. A wealthy job, and simply live a life with less worries.


And that’s all for now, I know I’m a huge nerd so do forgive me but ain’t gonna change that for now x) hahahah thanks for checking this lame ass post and try it yourself!!! I’d love to know what makes you happy 😉



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