Happy Birthday symphonyofsoldier!

WE DID IT!!!! or more like: I DID IT!!! Happy 1st birthday to my ( lame ass ) bookstagram. I honestly can not believe this. It's been a year already? Or just a year? It feels like it's been a millennia and at the same time like I just posted for the first time just … Sigue leyendo Happy Birthday symphonyofsoldier!


Tag: name 10 things that makes you happy

I gotta admit I was kind of in need to remember the things that lift my spirits and make me wish for a better day. Sad days are taking over and that's bad. Even though I was tagged back at tumblr by psychicsdaughter, I will post it here as well there. The rules are pretty simple. … Sigue leyendo Tag: name 10 things that makes you happy