The Trials of Apollo I review

Title: The Trials of Apollo: The hidden Oracle
Author: Rick Riordan
Read in: english | Titulo: –
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars



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For as long as I’ve been reading all I could think was “shit! Y’know? This might be my all time favorite Rick Riordan book, why? I simply adored it, or maybe I was in need of more sarcasm + mytho + Percy.

Thank Jesus in holy heavens Riordan decided to create something slightly different than his previous novels. No, it’s not even entirely different, just itty bitty.

What I liked: was the fact that we finally get to see a god and read his POV, yes it is entirely different from the first time we met Apollo but… that’s for another occasion.
In this book, if you read PJO & HOO in the past, you’ll get to hear more of the formal heroes from said series, and see how they are doing in life. Each one of them going to school ( university ), preparing for life, getting their shit done that’s not even related to Mythology, fighting monsters and save the entire ungrateful world. Percy F I N A L L Y refusing to do all of these dreadful rescues and fights and requests because he must get his study done, or else he’ll get in trouble. It’s not turning his back to the camp because in the end, he does return. Literally, all of the old demigods going to college and moving on makes my heart feel so warm ^-^

What I disliked: Rick mother fricker Riordan is simply too dang scared to try write something different. You can see the exactly same patrons from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase. It’s all the same. A random guy who has no muscles, no training, no knowledge of what to do is suddenly recruited by some strange person who claims the hero has a godly father who is in some kind of trouble and they MUST save the world. Sent immediately to a safer place, they spend a night or two just to be obligated to depart sooner for this quest. None of them are convinced to go, or whether they belong to that place. Nonetheless, they still go, get attached so fucking easily of their mates and in a matter of days they change completely, saving the day and accomplishing said quest. Come on Riordan, you gotta get off your comfort zone and write something new!!

Not to mention that in PJO III: The Titans Curse you get to see Apollo as a hot guy who only cares about himself ( even when he helps the demigods ) and no one else. Yet here, it looks like by being bereft of not just his immortality but also his powers and godly body, he changes completely, a 180 degrees change. ( did I said that right? ) Pity is a thing he often experiments, fully attachment to his children, mortal understatement and in just what… five bloody days or so? Where’s the “I’m too important to allow you all sit at my table“, “where are my subjects, you all should be kneeling in front of me, do not dare look me in the eye!” type of thing? Shit, other fucking mortals treat people worst than Apollo here!! No!! Let him make that change in book 4 or 5 please. Let the whole thing to take a lot time, maybe years before starting to happen!! THIS IS A FORMER… WAS A FORMED GOD WE ARE TALKING HERE, A FREAKING OLYMPIAN!! They only think about themselves, they don’t care about anything else. Too proud. Where is that?? In just a 461 pages long book? I’m a bit disappointed here. As always when it tends to be regarding character development with Uncle Rick.

All in all was an easy read full of sarcastic comments and getting to know more about Apollo’s past.

P//S: Did you read this one? What were your thought on it?



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