Happy Birthday symphonyofsoldier!

WE DID IT!!!! or more like: I DID IT!!! Happy 1st birthday to my ( lame ass ) bookstagram. I honestly can not believe this. It’s been a year already? Or just a year? It feels like it’s been a millennia and at the same time like I just posted for the first time just mere days ago. Happen to any of you?

Last year, on the 11th of November I started tagging my pictures as #bookstagram. I already had the account for personal pictures and also used to post books I bought recently or what I was reading. Little did I know that there was a whole community doing the exact same thing as me. And here I am, a whole year later with 900 followers (( which I can not thank you enough )) and improving day by day, am I?

So I decided to do a photoshoot and a kind of shout out for all of those bookstagrammers who inspired me in any kind of way. // also, countless thanks to my sis for posing for me. Ain’t she cute? 😉 // this may seem long, but I wanted to thank a lot of people :’)


In my first days as an official bookstagrammer I used to search for inspiration in the beautiful account of Anna aka imjustahuman. I recall going through her entire feed and wishing I could take pictures like that, because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?

As I kept searching for more accounts about books, I found that there was not only a book-lovers community but also, there was a book-lovers community in my own country! Argentina!!! I was completely excited because then I’d be able to share my thoughts with people in my same language, not just English. Thus I found the holy trinity, like I used to call them. I believe the first lady I followed was Clau ( livingamongpages ) which approached me kindly saying something like “I see you use the #igreadersarg, I follow you!” // or something along those lines, I’m terrible at translating // who kind of led me to the other two parts of said holy trinity. Nai ( librosconte ) and Lenni ( whenimetabook ) I still keep in touch with the three of them, though I bug more Nai and Lenni. My love for them in endless!!! (( my love for everyone is endless ))

With time and effort I began to improve my photography skills, even when I do not own a professional camera. And this, I owe to quality accounts who served as inspiration. Not to mention that I was lucky enough to gain a follow back here and there by those gloriously famous bookstagrammers. I can’t even begin to tell you how bloody happy and terrible surprised I was when some of my favorite people followed me back. Nina from tender.curiosity ; Ann from annreads ;  Casey from caseyannbooks ( former darkreaders ) ; Elizabeth from tomesandtea ; Ursula from ursula_uriarte ; and Flor from booksncaffeine are the goddesses that I admire an awful lot. More than you guys can imagine. So imagine how much I was flipping when seeing the “xxxx is following you” 😮

And last but certainly not least // Lately I found a bunch of amazing people who deserve more recognition. People who are so kind and deal with my repetitive “omg i love this picture” comments. People who I like to call friends. People who I admire from afar because I’m still afraid to bother them. And people who is terribly sweet with me. So if I mention here, just know that I will keep bugging you with my undying love for the rest of my life:

note that i can’t remember names always so I’m assuming your name appears on your account, so if I named you differently, please forgive me ;A;

Mali from eatthebooks ; Emma from missmareadsalot ; Katelynn from katelynnreads ; Amanda from artedoslivros ; my HTGAWM fangirling gal which I completely forgot to ask her name from oatswithbooks ; Beth from bethsbookshelf_ ; Céline from  abookishdaydreamer ; Retri from darklingreads ; Rachel from never_too_many_books ; Fay from suckerforcoffee ; stolenbybooks lady ; Carina from thefictionfaery ; Ana from thebibliofae ; Johnny from johnnyxreads ; Danielle from dreamthieving ; Rachael from redrchl.reads ; and Katie from foxyreaders you guys rock and i love your accounts 😉


Basically those are all the accounts I wanted to shout out. So here’s to another year of reading and book photographing and repetitive commenting. Thank you guys for exist, and if you read this far, you won a cookie 😀 thanks again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BOOKSTAGRAM!!! :]

P//S: how do you end a post? How do you write a post? Have you noticed I haven’t talked about books? Maybe next time. See you in the next post!!



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