ACOMAF by Sarah J. Maas review

Book: A Court of Mist and Fury
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Rating: 3.5/4 of 5 stars
Read in: Spanish  | Titulo: Una Corte de Niebla y Furia


I have so many thoughts and I dare say not many of you will agree with me, but let’s start this review shall we? Only if I actually knew where to start ;A;

The plot: I think this book is way better than the first for so many reasons, such as FEMINISM! Is the first time I read a book that shows clear signs of this incredible movement that instantaneously makes you rate it high. The characters are insanely interesting and you get to love them in unique ways. // I’m talking about the new characters here, my people. // What makes me enjoy a book the most, is to read interesting characters. I am tired of clichés, give me new material, new things. Give me characters to love, admire, protect, look up to. And that’s exactly what Sarah J. Maas did this time. Introduce fierce and strong woman who take shit from no one and man who will defend them with claws and teeth and blood, and not even dare to open their mouth when they say NO. Thank you Maas for give me Mor and Amren to look up to when I feel like I don’t matter.
And the male characters as well. Rhysand and this whole new level of cuteness. How happy I was to read this side of a character I didn’t get to enjoy much in the first book ( at the end I got to fall in love, shhh ) Vulnerability, the will to survive and do what one must, even if that destroys you, just to save what matters the most. Yes, yes, yes to all!! What love can do, how can keep you awake, alive! Not just a strong man who is insanely attractive and good in every single way. He can be vulnerable, have sad thoughts, let the blue bug bite him. Thanks for the “flaws” ( even thought they can’t be called flaws?).

And not just Rhys, but also his two little angels ( who have absolutely nothing little ); let me protect them. Keep them alive, Sarah if you hurt them, Imma kill you!!! ;A; I love, love, love them. How much they respect woman, how much they are willing to sacrifice for their friends. Yes, ye, yes!! Their story, their everything. Aaaahhh!!!!!

Feyre, though:
I don’t like her that much. Please don’t hate me? But you see. What I truly dislike is for an author to present you a character, give them a partner and all of a sudden, in the very next book, take all that love they professed for someone and give them to another. I will sound like an asshole here, but her “love” for Rhys feels more like pity to me, than anything else. Yes, I can sense attraction but the true feeling? Not quite much? Rhysand gave so much for what he truly love, and Feyre was just a naive girl who fell in love with the first man who showed kindness. Yes, Tamlin was being a total jerk but just because of that, doesn’t mean you gotta run into Rhys arms and tell him you love him just cuz  he rescues you.

What pisses me off is that I still feel, after getting to know Rhysand, that she is not enough for him. Maybe is just me thinking that, this piece of mighty heaven is too good for this world, too good for anyone. But come on, even till half way through she was still madly in love with Tamlin, and for her to just jump into Rhys’s arms? Nah, I didn’t liked that.  I would have liked for Feyre to realize her “feelings” for the night lord at the end, for them to not even share a single kiss (okay, maybe one). I completely disliked that Feyre was more interested in that big massive pair of wings and what was hidden beneath Rhys’s attire than… well you know, his heart. Like Rhys was truly in love with her in a spiritual level and Feyre wanted to fuck him every two seconds. I can’t fucking explain it, but I feel like she is just attracted to him, there’s not real LOVE in there, not yet. She feels sad for his thoughts, his way of thinking and how much he’s been through, and that’s what causes her to love him. If it wasn’t for all the crap he’s been through, she wouldn’t feel that way. And when comes to fucking, she’s right there, waiting, craving for more.

I want them to be friends, I like the idea of helping to heal each other’s wounds and recover from all that suffering. But as friends, give me the friends first, don’t rush the whole “mate” thing. Let Feyre realize she is finally feeling better, completely better, waaaay before she starts to realize she’s looking Rhysand with different eyes. I felt this new love rushed, way too rushed and that threw me off.

All in all, I think Maas did a splendid job at presenting new characters, she just needs to work a  little bit more in the whole romantic shit 🙂




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