The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater | REVIEW

“Aglionby Academy was the number one reason Blue had developed her two rules: One, stay away from boys because they were trouble. And two, stay away from Aglionby boys, because they were bastards.”
Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys

I don’t have really words to describe how I feel about this book. Albeit I felt a little puzzled at times — loving it then feeling like I wouldn’t find it charming enough then double loving it…— I, nonetheless, still did enjoyed it greatly. I was thinking about put it in a 4 starts out of 5 shelf but the characters Maggie Stiefvater created managed to push one more. I adored this book. It’s simple. Either you like it or you don’t.

Regarding writing: As a non-native english speaker, I found it a wee bit hard to read it given that Maggie used words that escaped me, but nothing a dictionary or translator by my side wouldn’t fix. I love big words, so it was fine.

Regarding the characters: I can not, seriously, can not stress enough how freaking great they were. I can’t express my eternal and endless love for them. Not just the charming broken boys with their own stories but also the strong woman who take not shit for anyone.


—Gansey presented ( or is it titled? ) as the typical rich guy who surely has a great future ahead and no worries than accomplish the expectations.
—Adam as the shy guy who can speak his mind though he rather observe than anything else. Albeit if you take a closer look you’ll notice a faint difference between him and the other three boys.
—Ronan as the typical though soul who has a raging hatred towards the entire world. Seeming strong and hard, unbreakable.
—And last but not least Noah, who looks dusty, pale, awkward, silent
Each one of them with a different appearance but they all hold secrets that makes you reconsider your first thought. I really take pleasure in digging deeper in their own stories.


—Blue as the outcast(?), the girl with no other power than being able to help those who can see the future. But don’t get fooled. She may be titled as sensitive. But she is strong and like her family, won’t take no shit. She speaks her mind and differs greatly from any other female heroine.
—Neeve, strange, small, cute hands and cheeks. Can see the future but wants more than she has. She may seem like the cool aunt at first, but things start to change the longer she stays at Blue’s home.
—Maura, strong female who runs the place but struggles to hide Blue’s father story. Nothing is more important to her than Blue’s safety.
—Calla, won’t take no man’s shit, need no man to be happy. Blunt, will express her opinions no matter how harsh they may come.
—Persephone, sweet and soft voice. Has strong psychic powers and best friend of Blue. Quiet and a little bit odd.

all in all:

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy mystery witch-y bizarre stories. Those who are not afraid to find a little bit of fantasy in it. Those who like to explore and wander and hang out with friends and landscapes. Definitely a must read if you are into it. Though, you will have to be comfortable with the whole death topic to read it.



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